Aesculaap offers you a complete range of veterinary medicines. As a veterinary wholesaler we supply you with registered veterinary medicinal products in the 4 Dutch categories of veterinary medicines: VRIJ (available over the counter without a vet's prescription), UDA (only available with a vet's prescription from a vet or pharmacist), URA (only available on prescription from a veterinarian from a veterinarian or pharmacist, but also from authorized dealers) and/or UDD (only a veterinarian may give these products to the animal) including opiates. In addition we also have a range of non-registered veterinary medicines. We also supply you with human medicines and veterinary medicines registered in other EU Member States under the cascade regulation. In addition to our regular range we also offer a range of Private Label products. 

We cooperate with well-known manufacturers, such as:
AST, Bayer, Boehringer-Ingelheim/Merial, Ceva, Dechra/Eurovet, Dopharma, Ecuphar, Elanco/Novartis, Krka, Meda, MSD, Pfizer, Vetoquinol, Virbac and Zoetis.