Iso-Joint +Acute

Iso-Joint +Acute is a natural painkiller in the form of supplementary animal feed for the benefit of a healthy musculoskeletal system in the dog. We recommend Iso-Joint +Acute to support the treatment of joint problems in dogs.


  • Contains a balanced combination of analgesic, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and nourishing ingredients.
  • For addressing musculoskeletal problems in dogs.


Simultaneous use of Iso-Joint +Acute and a diet with extra minerals is not useful. This can lead to an accumulation of minerals and trace elements in the body and is therefore not recommended.


Daily 1 tablet Iso-Joint +Acute per 7.5 kg body weight. Depending on the condition, continue the treatment for at least 6 to 8 weeks. After this period, a maintenance treatment may be started in which the original dose can be halved. Enter the tablets directly into the mouth or mix with the food.


Glycosamine HCL DC 90% 250 mg (equivalent to glucosamine 225 mg)
Salix extract 25% 141.75 mg (equivalent to salacin 35.44 mg)
Harpago extract 3% 250 mg (equivalent to harpagosides 7.5 mg)
Pyridoxine hydrochloride 0.2 mg (equivalent to Vit. B6 165 mcg)
In addition, Iso-Joint +Acute contains: boron, copper, manganese and selenium.
A liver flavoring has been added to the tablets.

Side effects

No known side effect.


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