The Aesculaap team does everything it can to think along with you and to be your reliable partner in the veterinary market. We will help you if you have any questions about our products or if you are looking for a specific product. If you need new products, we will look at the possibilities. We tailor our range to your needs. Aesculaap listens to you! Our employees listen to you! We are happy to offer you that little bit more personal attention.

The Aesculaap team is ready for you every working day. You can place your orders 24 hours a day via our webshop and 40 hours a week by telephone. You can always call or email us for information, questions or advice about the use of the products. For general questions call 0411-675915, for your orders call 0411-677500. In case of emergency, we are also available outside office hours.

Our team

Our team consists of dedicated people with relevant education, training and expertise to provide you with the best possible service. Our sales department consists of expert, certified veterinary assistants and pharmacy assistants. They will answer your questions, take your order or give you additional information and advice about our products.

Our logistics employees ensure a fast and correct execution of your orders every day. Any order you place on a working day before 4:30 pm, we will deliver to you the next working day (if in stock).

The Management team of Aesculaap consists of:

Nanno Mulder Director
Tonny van der Pasch Logistics/Buying
Dominique Eggink-Thielen   Marketing
Annemarie van Amersfort Secretary of the board (of directors)

The Sales and Customer Service team consists of:

The Marketing team consists of:

The Finance team consists of:

The Logistics team consists of:

Nanno Mulder Bekijk Nanno Mulder op LinkedIn
Nanno Mulder
Tonny van der Pasch Bekijk Tonny van der Pasch op LinkedIn
Tonny van der Pasch
Dominique Eggink-Thielen Bekijk Dominique Eggink-Thielen op LinkedIn
Dominique Eggink-Thielen
Annemarie van Amersfort Bekijk Annemarie van Amersfort op LinkedIn
Annemarie van Amersfort
Pathy van Haaren Bekijk Pathy van Haaren op LinkedIn
Pathy van Haaren
Chantal Schuurmans Bekijk Chantal Schuurmans op LinkedIn
Chantal Schuurmans
Sandra van Griensven Bekijk Sandra van Griensven op LinkedIn
Sandra van Griensven
Dorette Kroeze Bekijk Dorette Kroeze op LinkedIn
Dorette Kroeze
Man-San Lam Bekijk Man-San Lam op LinkedIn
Man-San Lam
Ellen Veldhuis
Ellen Veldhuis
Sandra Bakker
Sandra Bakker
Carlo Jonkers
Carlo Jonkers
Huong Eijkemans
Huong Eijkemans