Iso-Gel is a supplementary dietetic food to support the treatment of gastrointestinal problems in dogs and cats. Iso-Gel is very suitable to support the treatment of constipation, diarrhea and an irritated gastrointestinal tract. Due to the unique granulation shape, Iso-Gel granules have a great water-binding capacity, which means that they can be used for both diarrhea and constipation complaints. In addition, Iso-Gel can also be used on puppies and kittens.


  • In acute intestinal absorption disorders, such as acute diarrhea or during the subsequent recovery period.
  • Due to the regulation of the intestinal function, Iso-Gel can also be used in case of constipation as a result of, for example, hairballs, after anal gland removal or perineal hernia.
  • Extends short passage times in animals with diarrhea and shortens long passage times in animals suffering from constipation.


Do not use Iso-Gel in case of abdominal pain, vomiting or intestinal obstruction.


The dosage of Iso-Gel is indicative and can be adjusted to individual needs.
Dog: 2-5 teaspoons of 3 ml, 1 to 2 times daily through the food.
Cat: 2 teaspoons of 3 ml, 1 to 2 times a day through the food.
Recommended duration of use: 1-2 weeks.


Iso-Gel is a granulate that consists for 90% (w/w dry) of Ispaghula. Iso-Gel is gluten-free and has no caloric value. It is a natural product, so appearance and color can sometimes differ.

Side effects

Iso-Gel can cause flatulence as a side effect.


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