Panzym is a complementary diet powder suitable for dogs and cats with digestive problems and in particular enzyme deficiencies due to pancreatic problems (also called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency).


  • To compensate for poor digestion.
  • In case of enzyme shortages due to pancreatic problems (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency).


No known contraindication.


Body weight up to 10 kg: 2 times a day ⅓ – ½ teaspoon (teaspoon = about 2.6 g).
Body weight over 10 kg: 2 times a day ½ - 1 tsp.
Mix the Panzym powder with the rest of the food for 3 to 12 weeks. Moisten dry food slightly so that the powder adheres to the food. Feed a maximum of twice a day.


Panzym is samengesteld uit pancreasenzymen verkregen uit de alvleesklieren van varkens, gist, groenten, oliën, vetten en algen, plantaardige bijproducten en granen. Panzym bevat per kg: 43% ruwe eiwitten, 11% ruwe vet, 8% ruwe as, 3% ruwe vezel. Panzym is verkrijgbaar in verpakkingen van 85 en 170 gram.

Side effects

No known side effect.


No leaflet available.